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As part of its ever-growing list of services, Standard Fence offers additional temporary chain link fencing for private and commercial customers.

If you need……….

  • A construction site secured

  • Building materials protected

  • A safe dig site

  • or any type of temporary fencing

Our tough and sturdy panels are made of galvanized chain link to prevent rusting. They are 6 x 14 foot. They can be secured on hard tops such as asphalt or concrete or on soft dirt, grass, or rocky surfaces.  Rental periods are on a monthly basis with a one time installation and removal fee.


Additionally, we can outfit our panels with:


  • One or two strand Barbed-wire for added security.

  • Wind screen material for added privacy.

  • Small, easily securable one man gates.

  • Full or half drive swinging gates for trucks

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